Tax Information

Ares Management, L.P. (“Ares”) is a publicly traded partnership ("PTP"). As a result of your investment in ARES, you will receive a Schedule K-1 versus a Form 1099. Form 1099 is generally used to report interest and dividend income. Partnerships are required to provide investors with a Schedule K-1, which separately reports many different items of income, gain, loss, deduction and credits. The amounts allocated to you, as reflected on the Schedule K-1, should be reported on your income tax return.

2016 Tax Year Information
The 2016 K-1 information for both Ares Common Units and Ares Series A Preferred Units will be mailed no later than March 31, 2017. You may also use this link to visit our Tax Package Support website to view or download your K-1s.

Please see our Tax FAQ's linked here for further information.

Prior Year Tax Information
To obtain a copy of your 2014 and 2015 K-1 information for Ares Common Units, please use this link or contact Tax Package Support at (855) 826-8319.

Sample K-1 Forms - Common Units
Sample Schedule K-1 Form for 2016: 10,000 Common units
Sample Schedule K-1 Form for 2015: 10,000 Common units
Sample Schedule K-1 Form for 2014: 10,000 Common units

Sample K-1 Forms - Preferred Units
Sample Schedule K-1 Form for 2016: 10,000 Preferred units

Ares Management, L.P. is not a tax advisor. All decisions regarding the tax implications of your investments should be made in consultation with your independent tax advisor. Ares Management, L.P. does not provide tax or legal advice.

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